Windless Dogleg - Makes You Feel Ilise Again.


My hairdresser

On friday I am going to get my hair cut. I really need that now, it looks lika I having a hat on my head! So I sent a text message yesterday to my hairdresser and she said that she had time for me at friday at 12:45. I am not going to change the color, I am only going ti cut it. I can color it at home by my self, it is so much cheaper for me. I only by the color in the supermarket. It does not cost so very much. It takes about an hour to ...

A nice coneference

We've been having these conferences in France a couple of times now. We have another company in France that is helping us with some things so that's why we go there on our conferences so that they can be there to. Sometimes they come to us as well so we kind of shift on that point. But however it's working out really great I have to say! The place that we're having these conferences is in a big chateau that's really nice! So we all can stay there for a couple of nights if we need to and depending ...

Jag kommer greja det

Jag kommer jobba extra på ett hotell inne i stan de näramste månaderna och därflr hhåller jag nu på att lära mig hotellets liggare. Hotel software som det så fint heter. Den som har gjort det systemet har verkligen tänkt till. Allt i ett. Smidigt och lätt.Jag var orolig att jag inte skulle kunna lära mig det så snabbt. Men det gick verkligen bra. Så nu känner jag att självförtroendet är på topp och att jag ser framemot att jobba med servicen att ta emot kunder och checka in dem.